Using A Stock Option Alert Service To Cut Through The Market Noise

16 September 2015
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One thing that can scare somebody new to options away is the sheer amount of noise generated by the market. Market noise is distracting, especially when your interests lay with very specific options or industries. Using a stock option alert can help you cut through that noise.

What's Market Noise?

Market noise, or economic noise, is all the data and information that comes from security fluctuations. The market is always in flux. The market is large, and global. Put those two things together and you have a lot of noise.

That noise manifests itself in the form of constant updates on news services, websites, trade platforms, social media, and every other financial news outlet there is. And there are tons of them.

This noise is often overwhelming to new traders in general, not just options traders. Not only is it overwhelming, it can create confusion and cause you to drop out of options trading, or make a decision based on misinformation. An alert service can help you turn that noise into something coherent.

Don't Many Trading Platforms Already Include an Alert Service?

Yes, many trading platforms have alert services. Unfortunately, those are not dedicated alert services, and so they're usually limited.

They're not always easy to access – Some platforms still require you to log in from a PC or laptop. Some aren't built for mobile, or lack features when you view the mobile version of the site. Some don't even have apps! Ask yourself these questions about your platforms alert service:

  • Can you access your alerts from anywhere?
  • Can you access your alerts from any device?
  • Is the platform pushing alerts to your email, social networks, or phone with no delays?

They're hard to configure – Many of the larger trading platforms have horribly difficult and complex alert settings. That's usually because they need to have a multitude of options to accommodate every kind of trader. Configuring alerts on an already hard to configure platform can turn into an exercise in frustration.

That's Why You Need a Dedicated Stock Option Alert System

It doesn't matter if you're placing long or short positions. It doesn't matter if the expiration date on your option is years in the future or only in a few days. You need to know what's going on without all the extra noise accompanying the information.

Options are unique since they require you to look out for information on a multitude of things. It all depends on what assets and industries your options, and your stocks, are dependent on. Sometimes, that can require you to seek your information in various places, which also creates even more noise.

Free to Focus on Your Strategy

Modern stock option alert systems allow you to choose what you want to monitor and how you want your alerts delivered. They also have various means for you to receive your alerts. The difference here is that you can focus on your own securities of interest. That means you can focus more on your strategy for them going forward.

As with most things, not all stock option alert services are suitable for everyone. Make sure you choose a professional options alert service. Look for one that offers all the features that your trading platform's alert system doesn't.

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